Persevere and Persist, Even When All Seems Lost

furious-2514031_1920Are you facing a difficult situation, one unlike any you’ve faced before?

Perhaps you’re struggling to find a job, struggling to find fulfillment in your life, struggling to manage bills, struggling even to make it through the day without getting extremely stressed out.

Whatever you’re going through, persevere and persist to see yourself through this situation.

Everyone has struggles and everyone falls in their life. Life is full of ups and downs, and it’s a test of our mettle as humans to face trials.

It’s often said that struggles build character. I’ll add to that that it’s how you face those struggles that builds character. You can choose to tuck your tail, give up and wallow in pity at the struggles you face, or you can choose to keep on going to find your way through the struggles.

When life has given you a tough hand, persevere and persist. Day to day, you’ll win some battles, and you’ll lose some. But when life gives you hard times, it also has a way of working out for the best.

You don’t want to give up every time you’re faced with a hard time. Assess what’s going on and assess what’s best for you to do. If your first tries to fix the problems you’re facing aren’t working, or even if your second, third, fourth, thousandth, seemingly millionth tries aren’t working, just don’t give up on the solution.

When it seems like every door is being shut, keep finding the one that will open for you.

We, as humans, are meant to persevere. We were given brains, feelings, and, most importantly, mental toughness for a reason. When life gets rough with you, get rough with it.

We all have our hard times in life, but they are just opportunities to show our strength. If we keep on going, we’ll find the solutions we’re looking for.

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