How to Fix a Broken Relationship

In our lives, we have plenty of relationships. We have relationships with family, with friends, with significant others, and with co-workers.

Sometimes, relationships that we really valued or really wanted to work out end up falling apart. As goes life, people drift apart when they move away from each other or when they move on in different directions in their lives.

For those relationships that we wished had worked out but ended up falling apart, those that we want to fix, it can be a daunting task figuring out how to mend the relationships.

But, it can be done.

Here are some tips for mending broken relationships.

Reach out

Find a way to reach out to the person whom your relationship with has faltered. It may be as simple as a text message or a social media message letting the person know you care. Maybe you have the person’s phone number and can call.

When you reach out to those you care about, they can see that you do care and do value the relationship. When you’re trying to mend a relationship, taking the first step can make a world of difference.

Talk things through

friendship_0If you happen to still keep in touch with the person you’ve had a relationship fall through with, talk to him or her. Sift through the root of the problems and see if you can work them out.

If it’s not a simple fix, at least keep talking and keep civil discussion going. And go from there to mend the areas that both of you need to mend in order to re-establish the relationship.

Talking things through maturely shows that you want the relationship to work and that you’re willing to take steps to mend the relationship.

Seek counseling

types-of-therapyIf the relationship is that important to you and nothing else has worked, seek counseling, whether it be from a friend, a family member or a professional. Share with the people you seek advice from where the relationship went south and let them know your feelings about the relationship ending.

If both people seeking to restore the relationship go to the same person at the same time for counseling, air out your feelings and grievances there. Allow the person providing the advice to work with you both on the best ways to approach each other about mending the relationship. Really take heed of the adviser’s counsel and seek to implement it to fix your relationship.

Be able to move on

If you and the person you want to restore a relationship with have tried all that you both feel you can and nothing has worked, perhaps the relationship was not meant to last. Be OK with it when you know that a relationship is over for good. Remain civil and respectful with each other, but understand that you should not force a relationship that is not meant to be.


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