4 Ways to Improve Your Neighborhood

Wherever we live, we all want to live in a place that we can enjoy. We look for safety, friendship, and a vibrant environment. While we look for those things in a community, how much do we put into helping our community better achieve those goals?

How much do we contribute to making our community a better place to live? SignUpGenius has listed 60 ways to improve your community, but we’ll touch on some of those.

Get to know your neighbors

NeighborsFirst and foremost, get to know your neighbors. Nothing will be more effective in trying to improve your neighborhood than knowing those whom you share the neighborhood with. SignUpGenius lists a few ways you can do this, such as getting neighbors together to hike, going out shopping for people who may not be able to get out of their homes, growing a community garden, and helping people repair and paint their homes.

All of these are great steps to getting to know your neighbors, but even just simple conversations outdoors with your neighbors or simple weekly or monthly get-togethers with neighbors help you to get to know the people you live near.

Take care of the community

If there are elderly, homeless, hungry, or special-needs people in your community, SignUpGenius has ideas to help those people out. SignUpGenius suggests that for the special needs of the community, you could volunteer with the Special Olympics, set up a buddy system with those who have special needs at your children’s schools, stop by a local care center to see how you can help those who do have special needs, and you could put together and send out materials to neighbors on how to take care of those with special needs.

For those who are homeless, SignUpGenius says you could help prepare and feed meals to the homeless or hungry, take homeless children to movies, concerts, or other social outings to help them make friends in the community, throw parties for people at homeless shelters, gather other goods that homeless people need and get them out to the homeless of the community and organize different types of events that will raise money or collect goods for those who are homeless and/or hungry.

For the elderly, SignUpGenius suggests going to visit the elderly and homebound of the community, making them treats for holidays or performing plays or small concerts for them at holiday times, helping those who are homebound or don’t get out much with daily tasks and errands and getting meals to homebound elderly citizens of the community.caring

Care for the environment

cleaningenvironmentSignUpGenius also suggests that taking care of your community’s environment will also make it a better place for everyone to live. SignUpGenius says that you can do this by helping to clean up your local park or local outdoor activity gathering places, using those hikes to help clean up trash along the trails that you go on, growing a homemade sustainable garden, recycling and buying recycled materials, and conserve the energy you use in your home in the form of electricity and other household services you use.

Watching out for the environment will help make it a better living space for everyone.

Animal care

animalAnother major way to make your community better for everyone is to care for animals in the community. SignUpGenius suggests that you can do this by adopting a pet, helping those who can’t or don’t get their dogs out for enough exercise by walking their dogs, helping out at your area animal shelter, getting abandoned pets a home or to a shelter, and helping to collect supplies and food for animals at a pound or shelter.

Animals are important in our society, and caring for them in your community can make a positive difference.

Start today

We all want to live in an area that we are proud of. Living in a great community is a team effort of everyone in that community, so start today and do your part to make it happen.


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