Naughty Dog Caught on Film Destroying Home While Owner’s Gone

Ever wonder what your pets get up to when you’re out of the house? Well, hopefully not this.

A mischievous golden retriever was recently caught on camera making the rounds in his human’s apartment (read: giving everything a good once over with his teeth.)

First, the active pooch takes his talents to a book, removing most of the pages and ensuring no one will ever be inconvenienced by having to read it again.

After briefly looking out the window and likely pondering the great expanse of the canine condition, the dog removes a coffee table placemat that his owners clearly didn’t need.

He does his roommate the courtesy of unraveling her yoga mat, which, in his defense, probably had some great leftover owner sweat smell clinging to it. And who can resist that?

Eventually, our hero settles on chomping on what appears to be an actual chew toy. But he only has to suffer through the indignity of chewing on an object that was specifically created with canines in mind for a short while.

His human finally comes home and the dog stands in the background with pride, as she surprisingly calmly surveys his work.

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