SC school officer adopts ‘unadoptable’ student

ROEBUCK, S.C.  —  Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office Master Deputy Mike Gibson was appointed to be the new full-time resource officer for Spartanburg School District 6, but had no idea his new job would lead to a son, WYFF reported.

It started when Gibson went to file a report about an abused child and something tugged at his heartstrings. He told his wife about the child.

“He said, ‘In all my years in law enforcement, I’ve never felt led to do something, but I feel like God’s telling me that we can help this one.’ So, I was on board,” Gibson’s wife, Kimber, said to the publication.

When he spoke to officials, they said the boy was ‘unadoptable’ due to behavior issues. When the boy’s parents’ rights were terminated, Gibson adopted him anyway.

“He’s changed ours [lives] more than we changed his,” Kimber said to the news site. “It’s one of the most rewarding things that we’ve ever done.


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