“It’s Open Season on Cops”

A lot of people will tell you things are changing in this world and ask what is happening to people. If you watch the news, you see more and more bad news. You see stories that make you shake your head and wonder what could have ever happened to those people to make them do what they did. Murder, Abuse, Lack of Respect, Lack of Responsibility and Entitlement are on the rise in our communities.

It’s sad, people’s lives are cut way too short and for most, it’s undeserved. In just the last 10 days, 8 cops have been murdered or assaulted in our country. Those are just the numbers that have been picked up by the national media. One podcaster has proclaimed that, “It’s open season on cops” (See the audio below)

It’s estimated a cop is killed every 58 hours in the line of duty (source: NLEOMF). Police enrollment is down because those who are considering becoming a police officer feel they will immediately have a target on their back. Are there bad cops, of course, however the vast majority of our officers are good, honest people. In most cases, when officers open fire on an individual, it is because lives are at stake or shots have been fired at officers. It’s common sense that violence may occur when officers respond to gang or drug related scenes.

People want to blame officers and some even want to get ‘pay back’ on officers they feel have wronged them. Again, bad officers should be removed from the force. It’s a sad world when people are attacking those who protect us. Officers can only protect us when we protect them. The violence has to stop. People need to get rid of their political ideologies and look at the situation from a realistic point of view. Don’t jump to conclusions, look at all the evidence, then make your judgment. Oftentimes, officers only have seconds to make decisions. Sometimes they are wrong. Most of the time, they are right.

Today, Friday September 4, is a Day of Prayer. If you are a person of prayer at 12:00p Eastern Time, we ask that you say a prayer for those who protect us. See the prayer below.

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 10.28.40 AM


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