The One Word Challenge

PITTSBURGH, PA | Scott Cunningham (Visual Element Media)

There are a lot of self help books out there today. It seems like everywhere you turn one of your friends is trying a ‘new’ thing. For some people, these books change their lives. For others, they have very little to no effect on them. The one thing all of these books have in common is that you have to change yourself in order to make it work. Just like exercise. You can really think that you can continue eating all the junk food and fast food you want and loose weight.

Diane has recently taken on a challenge. Some would call it a ‘self help’ book. This one has a slightly different approach. It’s not a 12 step thing or even a two step thing. It can be summed up in ONE WORD. Yep, one word. The book is called ‘One Word That Will Change Your Life’ by Jon Gordon, Dan Britton and Jimmy Page.

They founded a system that allows you to completely change your way of thinking, lifestyle, relationships and more. Here is where you can find the book.

In Diane’s line of work, she meets many different people from different background, social circles, etc and is always looking for ways to encourage as many people as she can. She wants them to know that they can change things. Life doesn’t have to be hard. She feels this book could be the key to helping a lot of her friends, family and clients do just that: Change their lives with ONE WORD.

Diane will be sharing her story of how her One Word is changing her life so keep checking back to see her progress.


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