Study: Napping During The Workday Could Result In Better Productivity, Safety

Do you agree? Have you tried it?

CBS Philly

ANN ARBOR, MI (CBS) – Want to perform better on the job? A brief midday nap could help you do just that.

According to new research from the University of Michigan, napping on the job could actually result in a boost in productivity.

Researchers say they studied how a short nap affected “adults’ emotional control” using 40 people between 18 and 50 who were randomly assigned either an hour-long nap or no nap and a nature video.

Participants also completed computer tasks and answered a questionnaire on their mood and sleepiness.

The scientists say that those who napped were able to spend more time completing a complicated task versus those who’d gone sleep-less. The people who had napped also said they felt less impulsive than those who didn’t.

“Our results suggest that napping may be a beneficial intervention for individuals who may be required to remain awake for long…

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