Hands-On With the Smallest GoPro Ever Made

This is just cool.



GoPro’s action cameras have always been dinky, almost a miniaturization of a traditional digital camera. But the company’s latest effort, the GoPro Hero 4 Session, is the smallest GoPro ever — and shaped like a near-perfect cube.

The GoPro Hero 4 Session is 50% smaller and 40% lighter than the rest of GoPro’s high-end Hero 4 range. This is important. GoPro is the go-to brand for action sport enthusiasts — think anybody who uses the words “gnarly,” “stoked,” or “rad” with reckless abandon. These thrill seekers want small and robust cameras to attach to skateboards, skis, helmets and just about anything else you can imagine. The smaller and lighter the camera, the better.

And if that’s the rule, the Session is definitely better. It’s an eight megapixel action camera with a 170-degree wide angle lens aimed at users who value compactness over all else. It’s also the first GoPro to…

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