Storms Cause Wall To Collapse At Mt. Washington Ball Field

CBS Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Storms caused a wall to collapse in Mount Washington Sunday morning, which closed part of a park.

Today, crews are removing some of the debris at the Olympia Park ball field. However, the Public Works Department wants to be extremely cautious not to disturb the hillside until an engineer can come in and evaluate.

Thankfully, no one was playing at the time of the collapse.

“Oh, it would have been disastrous. The way the wall came down is right where the home team sits. So, the home team would have been in very serious danger. And it took half of the bleacher, which would have had any fans that sit right there,” David Caparelli, of the Washington Heights Athletic Association, said.

Preliminarily, the rain is to blame, which caused the hillside to weaken.

Caparelli said this field is home to three full teams and other adult leagues…

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