Baldwin-Whitehall Teacher Charged After Student Claims He Was Punched

CBS Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A Baldwin-Whitehall teacher accused of assaulting a student is now facing charges.

Damon Kolich, 13, on North Baldwin, says his math teacher punched him earlier this month in a hallway at the Harrison Middle School in Whitehall.

The teacher, Brian Paulos, has now been charged.

Kolich’s grandmother, Christine Kolich, filed a report about the incident with Whitehall Police.

Police Chief Donald Dolfi says when an officer went to the school to investigate after the call came in, both the teacher involved and the student had left.

“Our dispatch center received a call,” said Chief Dolfi. “We responded to the school; however, when we got to the school, the staff member was not on scene and neither was the victim.”

“Damon told me he was punched in the chest, he fell over, hit his head and passed out,” the boy’s grandmother told KDKA-TV News.

When Damon awoke…

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