Allegheny Co. Council Votes Down Controversial Restaurant Grading System

CBS Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A controversial proposal that would have given restaurants a letter grade on their safety and sanitation was rejected in a vote by Allegheny County Council Tuesday evening.

The restaurant grading system plan went down in Allegheny County Council by a vote of 12-1. And that’s what local restaurant owners were hoping.

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“I’m pretty happy. It’s a big weight off a lot of people’s shoulders, I’m sure,” said Robert Storms, the owner of Storms Restaurant.

The plan was approved by the Allegheny County Health Department last September.

The Allegheny County Board of Health thought grades would give diners more food safety information than the current pass-fail system.

But restaurants fought the plan every step of the way right up to Tuesday night’s vote.

“This discussion is not about increasing the knowledge and training of food service workers, rather it is about catching, punishing…

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