South Side Residents Fed Up After Latest Fights & Arrests

CBS Pittsburgh

SOUTH SIDE (KDKA) – Several people were arrested after two incidents on the South Side this weekend.

Police say several people started fighting and that one of the men may have been trying to steal items from a nearby business.

After the two fights, some residents said they’ve had enough. They’re tired of their cars being vandalized.

In fact, one resident and his dad are looking for somewhere else to live.

[worldnow id= 11293063 width=345 height=255 type=video]

Robert Abbott, 31, has lived on South 16th Street in the South Side his entire life.

“It used to be a nice town,” Abbott said.

But, Abbott says that’s not the case anymore. He’s fed up after the two fights that happened over the weekend.

“I wasn’t surprised. It always happens like that around here,” Abbott said.

Around 2 a.m. Sunday, police were trying to arrest Michael Small, 21, who they say was…

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