Governor Wolf: Saying PA Suffers From Low Self-Esteem “Probably A Poor Choice Of Words”

Agree or Disagree?

CBS Philly

By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) — Governor Wolf now admits he used a “poor choice of words” when, during an appearance in Washington, he said Pennsylvania suffers from “low self-esteem.”

Governor Wolf’s remark came during a panel discussion over the weekend at the National Governors Association in Washington, D.C., citing low self-esteem as the biggest economic challenge facing Pennsylvania.

The line drew chuckles from other members of the panel, and criticism from Republicans like Senate majority leader Jake Corman, who characterized it as “insulting” to hard-working Pennsylvanians.

The governor spoke with state capitol reporters at an event outside Harrisburg Tuesday.

“Probably not the best choice of words on my part,” he said. “What I meant there was, though, what I said in here, we have a lot to be proud of in Pennsylvania.”

Wolf says he was trying to say that part of leadership involves getting folks to appreciate…

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