Life Advice: Learn How to Manage What You Have

Great advice if you have money management concerns.


LinkedIn Influencer Roger Ferguson originally published this post on LinkedIn. Follow Roger on LinkedIn.

The words of wisdom that made all the difference in my life came from my father.

He worked as a mapmaker for the Army but had a keen interest in the financial world. We were not a wealthy family, but he saved and invested and closely followed interest rate fluctuations and other financial news.

My father’s “words of wisdom” came not in the form of a pithy phrase, but in his regular discussions of money matters with me, even when I was just a young boy.

His passion was clear. We talked about money at the dinner table. I have fond memories of joining him on occasional outings to buy government bonds.

He taught me the value of saving and the importance of having a financial plan. Most important, he showed me that building financial…

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