‘Pup-Nups’ Help Solve Pet Custody Disputes

CBS Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – When Isaac Ott of North Fayette separated from his wife, there was one thing that he really wanted that his ex wanted, too – a 9-year-old English mastiff named Diamond.

“She didn’t want to give the dog up because she loves the dog to death,” Ott told KDKA’s Jon Delano. “I love the dog because it’s my dog, and we had a fight over the dog.”

Fights over the family pet are often at the heart of the dispute as couples split, says family law attorney Amanda DeMello.

“Much more important than most people would think,” noted DeMello. “We’ve had a lot of clients here at my firm specifically that their pets are very important to them. It’s like another child to them.”

Almost every pet owner can identify with that, especially if the pet is equally loved by all family members. Families cannot begin to figure…

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